Why Asset Protection

Did you know...

ASSET PROTECTION Nine out of ten lawsuits in the world are filed in the United States.

ASSET PROTECTION A new lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds. 

ASSET PROTECTION If you own a business or practice a profession you have a one chance in three of being named a Defendant in a lawsuit in the next year.  And it will only get worse.  It is estimated that there are over 100,000 students in law school right now.

Any of these events could leave you penniless and in debt: 

ASSET PROTECTION A negligence or injury claim, whether justified or not, that exceeds your insurance coverage.

ASSET PROTECTION Breach of contract through no fault of your own

ASSET PROTECTION A professional malpractice suit

ASSET PROTECTION Lawsuits from disgruntled business partners or employees


ASSET PROTECTION Huge fines for violating state or federal law because of the actions of an employee

ASSET PROTECTION Claims from creditors should your business fail

ASSET PROTECTION Catastrophic medical bills

ASSET PROTECTION Seizure of your home or other assets without due process by the U.S. Customs or other government agencies with forfeiture power

A Carefully designed Asset Protection Plan can help you:

ASSET PROTECTION Shelter your home, auto, savings, and everything you own from creditors

ASSET PROTECTION Avoid bankruptcy and still keep all the wealth you've accumulated 

ASSET PROTECTION Stop creditors from finding your assets and most precious heirlooms

ASSET PROTECTION Turn your business into an impregnable creditor-proof fortress

ASSET PROTECTION Stop foreclosure or repossessions without filing bankruptcy

ASSET PROTECTION Hide your money safely and legally

ASSET PROTECTION Shield your wealth from nursing home and catastrophic illness costs

ASSET PROTECTION Design an estate plan your creditors can't touch

ASSET PROTECTION Cancel costly liability insurance and avoid nasty lawsuits

ASSET PROTECTION Negotiate pennies-on-the-dollar settlements, even if you're rich Protect yourself from business debts - even personal guarantees and taxes

ASSET PROTECTION Dispose of cash so it's positively untraceable, yet immediately available

ASSET PROTECTION Divorce-proof your assets in the event of an untimely separation

ASSET PROTECTION Safeguard your assets even after you are sued

ASSET PROTECTION Gain total financial privacy and stop people from stealing your personal information

ASSET PROTECTION Transfer your wealth to the safest places in the world intelligently

ASSET PROTECTION Enjoy banking alternatives that respect your privacy